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"I'm The Greatest Person
on This Earth"
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Babloo Krsna Das
June 7th , 1994

Founder of The Team Mad Motivation, Motivational Speaker, Digital Entrepreneur, Blogger, Youtuber, StoryTeller and a Poet.

Father: Atma Ram

Mother: Kamlesh Rani

Sister: Mannu Rani W/o Manish Dolia

Brother: Sanjay Thakur H/o Jyoti Thakur

Qualifications: B.Com, B.A, B.Ed, M.Com, MBA

Expertise: Soft Skills & English & IELTS Trainer  

Are you ready to get rid of overwhelm once and for all? I’m on a mission to the fear out from you by sharing my messages to you only. And I believe that greatness and wellness are always within us.

Hello, I’m Babloo Krsna Das and I’m a writer, blogger, life coach and motivational speaker. I write my blogs and journals for those who are demoralized, down, criticized by people, given a negative label by society and hold back by the parents. Being an inspirational speaker, I am eager to help them in building their motivation, making them believe in their dreams and giving them guidance for the future.

I have a big and bold vision, focusing on how I can serve to my Readers (you) and give them a hope and inspiration, blessings and positive thinking for an extraordinary life to achieve big. As a passionate speaker, I have given lectures to thousands of students in many well-known schools, colleges and institutions and showed them a road leading towards great and magnificent life. My lectures always helped them in improving their bad and unhealthy situations turning into a happy and prosperous journey.

During my unexpected journey, I noticed some common obstacles that usually every average person had and still suffering from. These problems are like overwhelming negative emotions, fear, self-doubt, self-sabotage and lack of confidence. In my little life as a motivational speaker, I learnt how to master these devastating negative emotions and bringing a maximum impact over life’s positive side. Now, these days, I will put on heart winning and negative removal skills on my blog to bring greatness and wellness out from you and this is what my vision is all about.
Remember, this blog belongs to those people (young, old, girls, boys and children) who want to achieve big and bring the lion and lioness out from their inside. Because WE ALL HAVE GREATNESS WITHIN US.

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything”- George Bernard Shaw

we cannot achieve until we start and all starts with one single step towards our goal and if we are scared of impossible thing then nothing would be possible.


“Never being prisoner of mind we lead you to massive success”
I have the vision to serve society with the greatest gift by the god that is always sleeping inside of them:- Abilities, Skills & Talents.


I am on a mission to change & Get Attached with 1,00,000 live’s till 2025 so that they can understand what is the greatest gift that they have in themself that should not be died before they die.


The BKD Impact

  • I am founder of The Team Mad Motivation. And we are working to bring inspiration among the people those who are lacking energy.
  • I have 8 years of experience of English language.
  • I have 5 years of experience of Public Speaking and I have spoken over hundreds of stages in school and colleges.
  • I have spoken in front of thousands of students, Teachers and Professionals.
  • I have experience of 4 year teaching as a Communication skills Expert in College.
  • I have completed my International English Language Testing System exam with 7.5 Band score.
  • I have 3 years’ experience of teaching as an IELTS trainer and expertise in Writing Module.
  • I have conducted two biggest inspirational events in Kaithal city (namely; The life changing seminar and Dream 2020) where thousands of students participated and felt big changes in their life.
  • I am a self-made Leader.
  • I am on a mission to change 1, 00,000 people’s lives, bring their natural leader out of them and bring energy and enthusiasm.