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How Covid-19 changed our life?

The Team Mad Motivation is most leading team working to bring positive and magnificent changes in society. The main mission of Team Mad Motivation is to let youth see their lives a blessing not a curse. Our personal Training Sessions, Seminars with full of energy bring massive growth. At presently Team Mad Motivation is working in Haryana state, India. Every month Our Seminars are proving very beneficial for people in their personal and professional growth.

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Why this survey ?

Corona virus has brought a lot of tragic moments in the lives of people all around the world. and lock-down has proved that an active Lifestyle can be turned into life without doing anything, staying at home with family over just one single night. Our main target of doing this survey is to know how lock-down has affected the life of the people? whether it has given a positive or negative impact? or how people were able to manage their lives Staying at home for a long period. We want to inform you that our survey is going to cross 5000 replies and will write down an article soon over this and will be published in the newspaper so you should feel proud while filling up all the answers in the answer box. Feel free to fill up this form because we are going to keep all your information secret as per our privacy policy discussed in our website.