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The BKD Mentorship

After putting a lot of hard efforts and 5 years experience Babloo has created this global course to bring maximum personal and professional growth. so that individual can reach to their next level of success by implementing the system.

What is course?

the BKD Mentorship is one of the most learning full course where Babloo Krsna Das is giving personal training to individuals to master the five major skills(under this course). In this whole course you will recieve 30 live online sessions everyday delivered by Babloo Krsna Das and each class will go 2 hours long. The main objective is to guide the youth in such a way so that they can find out values in their live and be comfortable with all these five skills. Babloo Has Invested 250 long hours to design this whole course. The system that Babloo is teaching in this course is always universal and will breed best result to the attendees. 

No doubt The BKD Mentorship Program will guide to you master these five skills in an interesting way and wil help you all get success easily in any area of life. 

Why to chose this Course?

After attending our course:-

1. You will receive a certificate after completing this course.
2. You will be able to speak your heart out.
3. You will feel comfortable while addressing people.
4. You will be able to speak fluent English.
5. You will be able to communicate with strangers.
6. You will be able to attend any kind of interview.
7. You will be able to write your own script.
8. You will be able to prepare any speech.
9. You will be able to connect with people.
10. Your English writing will be improved.
11. You will have dynamic changes in your personality.

What will you learn in 30 days?

English language has its own significance because it is spoken around the whole globe and every organization or business looks for this language skill. It is in demand because this helps to reduce work load by making easy to understand task in English language.

In Language you will be learning:-
1. How to speak any sentences in past, present and future?
2. Complete knowledge of English grammar.
3. Tenses, Passive voice and Modals.
4. Basic to advance English structure.
5. How to use English grammar in daily routine life?
6. How to make sentences?

It is true that 80% of your total income is just because of your excellent communication skill. If you can communicate effectively and influence people with your language and way of talking then you can win the heart of anyone easily. Communication is one of the very deep and more advanced subjects to teach but I will be teaching you some of the greatest techniques so that you can improve your communication skill. Because communication can lead a great life in your life and you will definitely receive high values and high incomes

In Communication Skills you will be Learning:-
1. How communication works and understanding process?
2. Researched based importance of communication.
3. Steps to be a good communicator.
4. Strategies for effective communication mastery.
5. How to talk anyone with confidence?

Almost every professional once in their life faces interview. And this besides how confident you are in terms of facing people. This is one of the most difficult part upcoming jobs. You have to face two or three interview words for one or one and half hour and answer their questions with dynamic answers. If you are lacking the interview skills then it is difficult for you to get your desired job. And in interview skills I will teach you some point that will totally change your mentality about being interviewed. You will become totally familiar with the atmosphere of interview and how to face any interview at National or international level.

In interview skills you will be learning:-
1. 10 interview skills you need to get hired.
2. How to create a positive impact on interviewer?
3. Pre Interview preparation and post Interview preparation.
4. How to answer the question during interview?
5. How to take the fear of interview

Public speaking is a soft skill that requires issues of excellent communication skills, energy and an ability to influence the audience with the words and with the feelings. This is kind of Representation in front of a group. Where a speaker speaks his ideas and share to the number of people and they learn from him. In this Era every big organisation and business required such kind of skills. And every manager should be equipped with because every day he has to face a lot of meetings and get together. So if you want to join any big company and you want to have a higher position such as manager or any big position you need to master your public speaking skill.

In public speaking skills you will be learning:-
1. Why employers value public speaking skills?
2. Types of tops to avoid during public speaking.
3. How to structure of successful talk in front of public?
4. Five tools for successful talk.
5. How to come over the fear of public speaking and strategies to master this course.

In this modern era, WRITING skill has become one of the most crucial and important skill to learn. It is necessary to grow in this digital marketing where everything is becoming online and available on the internet. Writing a blog and article can be a huge Source of earning. Well written article can bring you unexpected passive income. Becoming an effective and skilled writer requires a lot of patience and dedication towards this particular skill. This helps in sending an authenticated message to the audience and brings value to your words. This is the most important part of communication.

In this writing skill you will be learning:-
1. Why this skill is required?
2. How to master this skill?
3. How to edit any written material?
4. Top strategies for excel writing skill.
5. How to develop writing habits?


With this program you will receive 7 bonuses.

65+ PDF files of this complete course.

 2 practice set for each grammar structure for mastering your grammatical skills. 

Access to 100 + videos on grammar.

You can make one to one talk with #BKD.

Validation of this course will be lifetime.

5 E- BOOK (Top Inspirational Books) These ebooks are not available in the market (if so then over the cost of Rs. 3000INR)

You will be given discount for the next courses in the future.

Certificate After Completion

One of the biggest quality if this 60 hours long course is that you going to receive certificate after completing this course. Which will present your excellence in these five skills and help you going fast and forward in your future.

(Here are some achievers)

You are a great combination of an effective motivator and an inspiration for the youth. Your initiative that is BKD Mentorship program was really an opportunity to learn perfect meaning of English language required in our successive life. I am so grateful you were my teacher. Thank you for embroiding me. Your positivity and encouragement bright and my days. You made me a better more thoughtful person. kind and regards
This BKD Mentorship 30 days power pack program proved really amazing for me. It helped me to improve my overall personality. My fear of talking to strangers has removed completely. I am very thankful to Babloo Krsna Das sir for starting this program. The amount invested in it proved really worthy for me
The BKD Mentorship program is so inspiring, motivational and valuable for me. From this course I have learnt how to communicate with people, how to speak with confidence, how to prepare and deliver a speech and how to crack any interview. I also have learnt from this program that the system is always helpful in life. My mentor Babloo krsna Das often says "people fails and system wins" truly this program is very helpful for me thanks to Babloo sir (my mentor)

Yes!! I want to join the Course

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